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PADI's Underwater Naturalist scuba course is designed to teach even the novice diver ecology and marine life identification here in the Pacific Northwest. ADU offers a unique blend of classroom and in water training to help you explore a different areas and recognize what you see, with confidence. Not only that, we make it fun!
Your course is taught by Ron Akeson, a local marine biologist and professional underwater photographer. Another unique feature of this class is that the instructor uses underwater communications coupled with listen only units on the students. By being able to identify individual creatures and behaviors each student is guided through the learning process which eliminates cumbersome ID cards and trying to remember and describe things after the fact.

SCHEDULE - The Underwater Natualist course consists of approximately 8 hours of classroom and 4 ocean dives. The classroom portion can be completed in two evenings or one full day (weekend). Dives are taylored to fit everyones schedule.

COURSE TUITION - includes the Tidepools and Reefs book, Certification fee with PADI, all classroom and ocean instruction. Your four ocean dives will be conducted at local dive sites that are popular for the animal life and things to explore! The price is only $150.00 (based on training with a group, per person). Other benefits include: the option of equipment use for all course dives for only $49.00 (includes wetsuit or drysuit if trained in use, tanks, regulator, BCD, and weights)

PERSONAL SUPPLIES - Each student will need to provide a mask & snorkel, adjustable fins, coldwater boots & gloves, plus full scuba gear (see Course Tuition). A primary and backup light are required for the night dive. Store personnel are always available to counsel students on the selection of these supplies. If you would like to invest in your own Scuba equipment for use during the course, any of the ADU staff will be happy to assist, or you can rent. Students will also need to provide two passport size photos for your certification card showing that you have completed the course.

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