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Sea & Sea MX-10

MX10.gif (7318 bytes)The MX-10 is a compact, lightweight 35mm camera that is the ideal companion for all outdoor activities. Take it rafting, skiing, fishing, surfing, snorkeling, and of course, scuba diving. Constructed of rustproof, impact-resistant polymers for long life and minimal maintenance, the MX-10 is environmentally sealed and completely waterproof. Designed for divers, it performs as well at 45m (150 feet) as it does on the surface. This sturdy multifunctional camera incorporates a 32mm focus-free lens, automated film load and advance, power rewind, built-in flash, even an internal low exposure warning signal.

•Type:35mm amphibious camera
•Film format:36mm x 24mm
•Lens:32mm F4.5(4 elements in 4 groups)
•Angle of coverage:68degrees land,51degrees U/W
•Aperture range : F4.5-F22
•Focal distance:2.5m(8.25feet)-infinity(land),1.2m(4feet)-infinity(U/W)
•Film speed:ISO 100 or 400
•Shutter:Fixed at 1/100 second
•Film counter:Automatic
•Film rewind:Automatic
•Exposure control:Manual
•Exposure meter:Built in with LED display
•LED display:Low exposure warning lamp, flash ready light
•Viewfinder:80% frame coverage,0.45 magnification
•Electronic flash:Built in(GN 10/33(m/ft) land/ISO 100)
•Power source:Two 1.5 volt AA alkaline batteries
•Maximum depth:45m (150feet)
Dimensions:159 x 94 x 71 mm (6.3 x 3.7 x 2.8") (W x H x D)
•Construction:ABS molded polycarbonate
•Accessories included:Strap,O-ring set.


MX10set.gif (7318 bytes)With the MX-10/YS-40A kit, you have the perfect system for perfect underwater photographs. Complementing the MX-10 is the YS-40A strobe, an off-camera electronic flash featuring a revolutionary infrared optical triggering system that synchronizes the strobe with the camera shutter. There are no cords or cables, therefore no chance of leakage at the flash connection. The YS-40A is a fully automatic flash, automatically delivering the proper exposure for perfectly illuminated images every time. Compact yet power-packed, its wide beam covers even a 20mm wide lens without diffuser.

•Guide Number:15/49(m/ft) land (ISO100)
•Beam angle:70 x 80 degrees
•Recycle time:5 seconds(alkalines),3 seconds(ni-cads)
•Number flashes:100(alkalines),50(ni-cads)
•Synchronization:Infrared optical triggering
•Function indicators:Flash ready lamp(orange) and Auto Strobe confirmation(green) •Power source:4 AA alkaline or ni-cad batteries
•Dimensions:100 x 83 x 192 mm (4 x 3.3 x 7.6")
•Weight:485g/17oz.(without batteries)
•Maximum depth:45m (150feet)
•Accessories included:O-ring set,decal for auto and manual operating range.


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