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Critters Down Under!

A Marine Education Program For Kids!!

 Co-sponsored though Adventurer Down Under in Bellingham, the Critters Down Under (CDU) program has been in operation for over ten years.

The main objective is to promote marine awareness and conservation to the youth of our areas through informative presentations conducted in classrooms, museums, local libraries and youth clubs (Boy & Girl scouts and Campfire). 

Currently CDU does numerous presentations per year in the Pacific Northwest, usually with large turnouts and several school classrooms joining together for the lectures.  Optional beach walks can be scheduled after a presentation.


Q & A about CDU

Q. How long does the lesson take?

A. The lessons are usually an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how many questions the kids have.

Q. What is the outline of the lesson?  (What will the kids be doing/learning?)

A. First the kids get a slide show and a we talk about what one can find here in our emerald waters.  Afterwards scuba gear is brought for them to look at.  Neoprene items and snorkeling gear are also brought out and passed around.  An assistant or myself might put on a dry suit and BC/tank to show the little ones what we (divers) use to visit the underwater world.

We talk about how the kids can save and conserve our ocean and beach resources.

Q. Are there any visuals or hands-on items?

A. Yes!  LOTS of gear and shells they can touched and handle!  I think it's better for kids with hands on learning.